Elevator Services

Elevated Engineering Services offer a wide range of services specifically for the LIFT industry.

Our Re-roping Division

• Full re-roping on all types of lifts
• Rope shortening

Repairs and replacement to all types of

• Traction Lifts
• Hydraulic Lifts
• MRL’s
• Barrel Lifts
• Dumb Waiters

Repairs to 

• All types of electric motors fitted to Traction, Gearless, MRL, and Hydraulic lifts and escalators
• Sheaves – replacement, re-cutting, bore and bush bores
• Shafts – manufacture and repair to all types of shaft
• Gearboxes – bearings, gears, shafts, seals and SAFed A & B tests
• Bearings – supply and manufacture of all types of ball, roller, sleeve and thrust bearings
• Brake units – re-line, re-set, rewind and re-design all types of brake units
• Site Services – the removal and re-fitting of all the above equipment
• Site machining and inspections
• Hydraulic oil – licensed removal, disposal and replacement
• Laser alignment – carried out on site
• Carbon brush – supply and fitting service

Full details of our unique Elevator Services

Full details of our comprehensive Site Services