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Here at Elevated Engineering Services Ltd we have dedicated teams of skilled and experienced Site Engineers who carry out the following Site Services

We carry out the removal and re-fitting of all types of:

  • Electric motors and generators
  • Complete winding units
  • Gearboxes
  • Hydraulic pump units
  • Gearless lift motors
  • Diverter and traction sheaves
  • Shaft and bearing systems
  • Roping systems
  • Brake units

Electric Motors

  • Removal and re-fitting
  • Clean out and overhaul
  • Bearing and brush replacement
  • Supply and fitting new replacement units
  • Tacho and Encoder supply, replacement and fitting
  • Laser alignment

Hydraulic Lifts

  • Oil removal, replacement and disposal
  • Pump unit removal and replacement
  • Tank repair
  • Ram top sheave removal and replacement
  • Cooling units removed, repaired and re-fitted
  • Ram seal replacement

Gearless Lifts

  • Machine and undercut commutators
  • Sheaves re-cut
  • Bearing replacement
  • Field coils removed, rewound and refitted
  • Brush gear overhauled and repaired
  • Carbon brush replacement and fitting


  • Removal and re-fitting
  • Oil leaks rectified
  • Bearing replacement
  • Re-designs for the acceptance of oil seals
  • Type B comprehensive testing with certification


Elevated Engineering Services Ltd are able to offer all types of mechanical repairs, from Motor and Gearbox assembly’s, Shafts and Bearings, Chains and Sprockets on all types of:



Moving Walkways

Traction and Diverter – Sheaves

  • Removal and re-fitting
  • Re-cut and replacement
  • Shafts replaced, manufactured and fitted
  • Sleeve bearing replacement
  • Ball and roller bearing replacement

Our unique Re-roping Service

To all types of:

  • Traction Lifts
  • Hydraulic Lifts
  • MRL’s
  • Barrel Lifts
  • Dumb Waiters

Brake Units

  • Removal and re-fitting
  • Inspection
  • Re-setting service on any type of unit
  • Linkage replacement and repair
  • Re-linings carried out

New Units

We are able to offer a complete package to :

Disconnect old winding units and remove from site

Fit new rafts to the tops of the lift shafts

Supply and fit new winding units complete with traction and diverter sheaves to the correct alignment