Ethical and Social Responsibility Statement

Elevated Engineering Services Ltd believes in the principle of Ethical and Social Responsibility in all its trading activities.

Child Labour

The Company does not support the use of child labour (The definition of child being any person under the age of 15 unless local minimum age laws stipulate a higher age or 14 in the case of specific developing country exceptions under ILO Convention 138).

Forced Labour

The Company does not support the use of forced labour or the requirement of personnel to lodge ‘deposits’ or identity papers.

Health and Safety

The Company provides a safe working environment and ensures that local laws relating to health and safety in the workplace are adhered to.  A senior management representative is responsible for the health and safety of all personnel and accountable for health and safety standards.  Regular training on health and safety is provided to personnel.  This is repeated for new and reassigned staff.  Training records include health and safety training.  Systems are in place to detect, avoid or respond to potential threats to the health and safety of personnel.  Clean bathrooms, potable water and sanitary facilities for food storage are available to all personnel.  If relevant any dormitory facilities provided must be clean, safe, and meet the basic needs of the personnel.

Freedom of Association and Right to Collective Bargaining

The Company respects the rights of employees to form and join Trade Unions of their choice and to bargain collectively.  Where this is regulated or restricted by law, the Company will seek to ensure employees are involved in appropriate aspects of the business through communication, and consultation, both individual and collective.  Where these arrangements include nomination of employee representatives they will not be discriminated against and allowed reasonable facilities to carry out their representative duties.


The Company does not engage in or support discrimination in hiring, compensation, access to training, promotion, termination, redundancy, or retirement based upon race, caste, national origin, religion or belief, disability, gender, sexual orientation, gender re-assignment, union membership, or political affiliation.  The company will deal with unacceptable behaviour, including gestures, language and physical contact, that is sexually coercive, threatening, abusive or exploitative.

Disciplinary Practices

The Company does not engage in or support the use of corporal punishment, mental or physical coercion, and verbal abuse.

Working Hours

The Company will comply with applicable national laws and industry standards on working hours. For example, in the UK personnel will have the choice not to work in excess of 48 hours per week on a regular basis, and will be provided with at least one day off per week.  Overtime work (over 48 hours) should not generally exceed 12 hours per employee per week unless under exceptional and short term business circumstances and should be remunerated at a premium rate.


The Company will pay wages for a standard working week that will meet at least legal or industry minimum standards and will always be sufficient to meet basic needs of personnel and provide some discretionary income.  Deductions will not be made from wages for disciplinary purposes, and the Company will ensure that wages and benefits composition is detailed clearly and regularly for workers.  Wages and benefits will be rendered in full compliance with all applicable laws and compensation is given as cash, cheque or in direct transfer form, in a manner convenient to workers.  Labour-only and false apprenticeship schemes will not be undertaken to avoid fulfilling obligations to personnel under applicable laws pertaining to labour and social security legislation and regulations.

These principles are fully implemented by Elevated Engineering Services Ltd and we expect the same standards of our suppliers.