M & E Building Services

Is your building manager under pressure to get your air and water systems up and running? 

Then why not let us take care of your breakdowns!

At Elevated Engineering Services we have pulled together a group of engineers who have many years’ experience in the M & E Building Services.

We pride ourselves on offering a first-class 24/7 service to deliver trouble-free solutions to all your building services needs.


Air Handling Units

The cleanliness and performance of the system can be compromised if debris is allowed to build up in the fan chamber or on the blades so Planned Maintenance should be essential.
At Elevated Engineering Services our site engineers have the expertise to remove, repair or replace faulty electric motors and fans (forward curve, backward curve, plug and EC Motors).
The replacement of drive belts and pulleys is sometimes needed to maintain performance or alter airflow.
Filter changing is a service that can be provided.
Old inefficient motors can be replaced with new IE3 energy efficient motors to provide maximum energy savings.
We can supply fit and commission variable speed drives.

Extract Fans

Can be removed from site and taken back to our workshop for a full overhaul and repair.
New motors can be supplied and fitted where it is more cost effective to do so.
Fan blades can be balanced in our own workshop.
Units can be re-fitted and commissioned on site.



Elevated Engineer Services Ltd are able to remove, repair and overhaul all types of Centrifugal, End suction, Vertical Multistage and Positive Displacement Pumps using manufacturer’s parts (depending on availability), and using quality bearings and seals both in our workshop and on site.

All pump repairs can be pressure tested in our workshop before leaving our premises.

Booster Pumps

Circulation Pumps

Pumps and Vessels

Our engineers will come to your site, isolate, remove and and then carry out the repair in our own workshop, re-fit and commission.

24 hours a day, every day.